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Atelier Brunette Joy Buttons (Set of 5)

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Atelier Brunette

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Buttons have arrived from Atelier Brunette in Paris.
Atelier Brunette is a fabric manufacturer founded by Annabelle in 2013.
A button that goes well with its fashionable fabric collection.

It is made of premium materials and has a solid quality.
By sensitive coloring like France, I match clothes,
Like a small jewel, it makes your work even more wonderful.
It is recommended not only for clothes, but also for making accessories.

Joy Buttons are faintly shining buttons made of high-grade metal buttons with enamel.
When paired with soft fabrics such as rayon, the difference in texture makes them stand out.

Material: zamak metal / enamel Size: 15 mm or 20 mm Please choose.
5 piece set
Made in France
When washing, wash gently with cold water.