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amirisu original needle case

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I made amirisu original needle case.
Designed to be durable, able to store essential items, and compact for easy carrying. Case for replaceable circular needles .

When you open the oilcloth cover, there are 10 needle pockets and a wide pocket. It has pockets with flaps. Put cables in wide pockets and small items in pockets with flaps.

Made of sturdy oilcloth. I'm happy that the taste comes out while using it. The printed fabric of the pocket with flap is the point.

A leather cord for the strap is attached so that the lid does not open. Please feel free to use it. The sample in the photo is a cord with a knot and hooked through an eyelet.

Size When unfolded: Width approx. 40cm, Height: approx. 19cm

Pocket <br>Needle pocket 10
Wide pocket 1 (width approx. 11cm)
1 pocket with flap
*Flap pockets are located sideways in front of the wide pockets.
*There are no buttons on the flap.