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1 Mile Vest Kit -Hike- (with Japanese sentence patterns)

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1 Mile Vest, which has been well received since its release on New Year's Day this year. It's the season when you want the best, so I assembled a kit with amirisu Hike, which is perfect for my current mood. Of course, I made a new pattern to reproduce that shape by knitting with amirisu Hike.

If you knit it with a twisty hike, you can knit a vest that feels like a sweatshirt and is durable and refreshing to the touch. It is knitted with knitting, but I am happy that it has just the right amount of elasticity and the eyes are easy to align.
With its sharp coloring, you can wear it with a traditional atmosphere suitable for the coming cool season.

[From Tokuko]

As I mentioned in the podcast , I used to love the knitted turtleneck vest that I bought in my 20s, and I actually wore it until this year. If you count it, you'll have worn it for 20 years.
Now it's a worn-out vest that looks miserable with cat claws getting caught in it, but I've been looking for it in various places to see if it's for sale, but I really can't find it. I plan to design one every year and get one for myself, but I don't have time! This year, it finally happened.

The word “1 Mile” is often seen in magazines these days. I think it refers to an item that is just right for a short outing in the neighborhood, and this vest is one that I want you to use in that way.

Knitted and simple, the hem and cuffs are loose and not constricting, and the neck is upright for warmth. I packed in the elements I wanted.
At home, I wear this vest over a long-sleeve T-shirt to do housework. And it's really convenient to go to the supermarket in the neighborhood!
I would be happy if you could wear it with the same feeling as me.

Kit contents

Amirisu Hike Or Hike Handdyed
S ( M , L , XL, 2XL, 3XL ) = 4 ( 5, 5, 6, 6, 7 ) cassette
Print pattern (Japanese)

Kit details
designed by Tokuko Ochiai

Finished size
S ( M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL ) = chest circumference 89 ( 95, 103, 111, 118, 127 ) cm

Thread used
amirisu Hike or Hike Handdyed
(100% merino wool (preshrunk), 179 yards / 163 m, 100g)

needle to use
・US 5 (3.75mm) 80cm circular needle

Other tools
・Stitch marker ・Binding needle
・Stitch holder or separate thread

Sample color is rucksack