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Basic course/Q&A

The following information is provided through machine translation. Lessons by amirisu are conducted in Japanese.


This is Ochiai, the lecturer. Here is a Q&A about the course. Please read this first before asking questions!

1. I don't know if I have reached the level to take the course .

This course is for those who have knitted at least one sweater and must know how to increase and decrease stitches. There is no problem if you generally know about refunds. Don't worry, it doesn't matter if it's a Japanese pattern or an English pattern. If you don't understand gauge calculations or set-in sleeves, we will teach you during the lecture, so you don't need to understand that either.

2. Can I ask questions by e-mail after class?

you can't. Questions will only be taken in class. However, we won't cut you off just because it's time, so feel free to ask questions during class. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about knitting.

3. How much homework is there?

In the case of an online course, if you concentrate, I think you can finish it in an hour, but it's a matter of the level of the person, so I can't say anything. No one will be blamed if the homework is not turned in.

4. Drafting ruler and gauge measure are not aligned

We have alternatives available. First of all, please ask about that point after purchasing the course.

5. I want to check if a seat is available

Seats are available unless sold out. See for yourself.

6. I want to know the difference between school and online

The big difference is "not knitting". If you want me to see knitted fabrics, I recommend going to school. However, it is unknown when the class will be held, and even if it is held, it will be held once a month, so it will take more than half a year to finish. Also, please understand that the amount will be higher.

7. Message from the instructor

I am not confident that I have reached the level to receive. Not sure if I can ask. I have received many emails. If you don't have confidence, study will cover it! It's a waste of money not to ask! I think so. I teach strictly in lessons because I want everyone to get what they paid for. You decide to do it or not. And whether you can keep up or not is only your motivation!