amirisu original stitch marker

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amirisu original stitch marker set.
I handcraft each one.
A light and natural marker with a round jump ring attached to a small leather tag.

From a maniac point of view unique to a yarn store,
・We made 2 types of sets: top-down set and bottom-up set.
It has the necessary tags for top-down knitting and bottom-up knitting.

[top-down set]
4 x M1L
4 x M1R
BOR, WS, RS, squirrel x 1 each, total 12 pieces

[bottom-up set]
4 SSKs
K2TOG x 4
BOR, WS, RS, squirrel x 1 each, total 12 pieces

Imagining top-down and bottom-up knitting, I smiled when I saw the tag symbols.
You know where to put the marker and how useful it is.
Supports up to US8.

Of course, it can also be used as a normal stitch marker.
There is also a list tag that can be used for anything. It comes in a portable can, so you can use it anytime.

Size: Can size: 5 cm in diameter

*Since the leather is baked and processed, there may be some scorch remaining. You can remove it with sellotape. In the beginning, it is safe to use it for works with dark colors.