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Brooklyn Tweed LOFT

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Brooklyn Tweed

Soft and fluffy tweed yarn made from wool from Wyoming.
Because it is twisted to absorb air, when you put on a shawl knitted with LOFT, it feels light and warm as if you were wearing air.
I sometimes hear comments that if you pull hard, it will break, but we have never broken it.

Thickness equivalent to fingering.

There are many colors of brown and green, so please be careful of the difference in color.
Actual colors may appear different depending on monitor settings. Please note that BT thread has a particularly subtle color development.
Please come to the actual store to see the real thing.

Manufacturer: Brooklyn Tweed
Product name: LOFT

100% American wool
275 yards / 50g
Made in USA
*Due to manufacturing reasons, straw scraps may be mixed into the thread. Since it is a soft thread, please remove it gently when removing it.