December 21, 2021

what are you knitting now? ~ GLACIER PARK COWL knitted with WOOLFOLK TYND ~


Good evening.

Kyoto is getting colder and colder. I'm worried that there was a snowstorm in some areas, but what about your area? From cozy sweaters to cardigans and shawls, layer up to make it through.

Today, I would like to introduce the Glacier Park Cowl designed by Caitlin Hunter, knitted with Woolfolk TYND .

TYND is a high-class yarn that uses 100% of the finest extra-fine merino wool. The thickness is Fingering.
Anyway, it feels good on the skin. Just touching it makes me happy, it doesn't irritate me, and I want to wear it all the time indoors.

This cowl was knitted by a staff that looks good in vivid colors and can be dressed in primary and fluorescent colors. I've been interested in this pattern for a long time, but I put it on hold because TYND "has only plain colors".
However, this orange color is now available in the new color of 2021! The color is a little dull, but it has a strong presence.
This is it! ! It seemed to hit the spot, so I took out the half-knitted sweater (although it would be finished if I knit one arm...) and immediately started knitting. and completed in no time. It seems that it was a time of pleasant bliss.

The back side of the cowl looks like this.

“Even if you look at it from the back, it looks like a pattern.
It was the staff's second time knitting color work, and it seems that they were careful not to pull the thread too much.

Another good thing about this pattern is that you can change the straight part of the pattern in the middle to whatever length you like.
Please try knitting a cowl of your favorite length.

Details thread: Woolfolk TYND (#36, #13 in color)
Needle: US3