April 16, 2022

I want to knit the best of the Woolfolk TÅGE collection!

Woolfolk TÅGEコレクションのベストが編みたい!

I can't wait to receive new Woolfolk threads! and this time

TÅGE is also great!

TÅGE means fog in Danish and is an airy yarn blended with the usual finest merino and mohair. When I knit the swatch, the core has an exquisite firmness and a slightly crisp feel. When you look at it as a skein, it gives a strong impression of being fluffy, but the knitted fabric is lighter than I expected, and it looks like it will be easy to use even this season.

Of course, cardigans and sweaters are also good, but I want to knit a vest designed by Fiona Alice, EJNER ! The rib pattern, the feel of the hem, and the tight collar are all lovely. Whether you wear it over a shirt or T-shirt, or wear it alone like a model, it will be a luxurious piece.

Oh, I'm full of feelings that I want to knit right now.