September 17, 2021

I tried on SUBLATION's work! (Part 2)


Well, I would like to introduce the remaining 4 points of the Daruma Collection 2021 Sublation . All designed by Alice Caetano.


This striped pullover looks good on anyone, even if you think the color is a little too flashy at first. Stripes tend to look casual, but they are very fashionable even if they are slightly off! Wool Mohair has a lot of cute colors, so it's fun to choose the color.


This is also a fluffy Wool Mohair hat, but the inside is knitted with GENMOU, so it is warm and feels good on the skin, and it seems to be useful in the middle of winter. It's a little thick, so it doesn't lose its shape, and it's very easy to use and a nice hat.

I also tried knitting it in bright pink right away, but I want to match the GENMOU with a bright color to a calm color such as navy or khaki for the second piece.


A shape like a vest that is not connected to the side called Dicky. And the novelty of turning the orthodox cable pattern sideways! Layer it over a knit or wear it under a jacket or coat to add fun to your usual outfit. It was cute even when worn over a dress.


Embrace, a vest with a finish that you wouldn't think was hand-knitted. The side slits, pockets, belt loops, and other details are also packed with attention to detail, which is really nice. In autumn, you can wear it over a T-shirt or shirt, and in winter, you can wear it over a turtleneck sweater.

None of the four items introduced here are too simple, not too complicated, and yet unique. I definitely want to knit Alice's detailed design this winter! I thought. Everyone, please find your favorite one.