September 16, 2021

I tried on SUBLATION's work! (Part 1)


I always look forward to the release of new books.

Daruma Collection 2021 Sublation has been waiting with excitement all summer, and it's finally released! This time, it is a collection by two popular designers, Fiona Alice and Alice Caetano, so expectations are rising to see what kind of unique pieces each designer has used and what kind of yarn they have used.

All the samples were available at the Tokyo store, so I tried them all on.

First Synthesis of Fiona Alice.

A cardigan, a shawl, and a hat that reproduce the felt feel of a tartan check blanket. The yarns used are lily yarn-shaped, very light GEEK and firm luxury yarn Falkland Wool. Geek is a thread that changes the color of the core of the thread and the wool fiber that blows out, so you can enjoy two exquisite shades in one color.

The cardigan is very oversized, but it's light enough to be used as an outer layer or to be worn at home when it's a little chilly. It looked nice even when worn by a small staff, so I think it's a piece that suits people of all sizes. The shawl and hat contrast very well with the Falkland Wool, and I am looking forward to the embroidery at the end.

Next is Spiral, also designed by Fiona Alice.

This pattern, in which the cable pattern stands out, is knitted with GENMOU and Silk Mohair, but by effectively using the two threads, the fluffy cable emerges. GENMOU has a lot of fun colors such as bright green, red, pink, and yellow. It would be nice to play with the colors of Silk Mohair!

The sweater has a generous body and is easy to wear, but the length is modern and nice. Hats and fingerless mitts are fluffy and warm and make you feel happy when you wear them.

Last up is Uplifted designed by Alice Caetano.

When I first saw it, I thought it might be too bulky, but when I rolled it up, it was light and very stylish! If you wrap it with a long fringe, you can wear it in the city, and when it's cold, you can cover your ears and nose with another wrap to keep you warm.

You can use 2 colors of GEEK reversibly, so it's fun to combine colors. And above all, I can't believe that I can create a texture like this tweed fabric with knitting!

I really want to knit all of them and I'm in trouble.

That's all for today. Please look forward to the second part!