December 05, 2023

SSS collection!

SSS コレクション!

The SSS collection was released on December 1st.

SSS is an acronym for Amirisu's new original yarns Swing , Sprint , and Stroll . They are like three sisters with the same base but different thicknesses.
Made from light, fluffy and resilient Spanish Merino wool, it has a crisp, yet not itchy feel.
I loved the refreshing twisted feel of Trek and Hike, but I thought they might be a bit heavy for clothing and shawls. In times like these, SSS is so convenient because it can be used for a wide range of products, from clothing to socks and shawls, and you can choose the thickness. It's also very popular with our staff, and I have a feeling it will become our new winter staple yarn.

In addition to the five factory-dyed colors of white, light gray, beige, black, and red, there is also Handdyed, which is hand-dyed in a studio in Nara. The hand-dyed colors are recommended for each season. (The basic five colors and Handdyed have different prices and are on separate product pages. Please take a look at both.)
The thickness is Fingering for Swing, Sport for Sprint, and DK for Stroll . Since it's hard to tell the difference at a glance, the tag color is subtly different for Sprint only. Be careful not to make a mistake when purchasing in stores or online!

Now, I have created a pattern that is perfect for knitting with SSS.

Mikey's Swing 1 case project.

It's a useful item that acts like a balaclava and a hood, and has been popular for a while now.
The tight neckline keeps out drafts, and by pulling the drawstring woven with eye cord, you can securely cover your ears and cheeks.
If you're worried about whether it will be too tight for you to wear, don't worry. We, the staff, were curious so we all tried it on, and it fit perfectly. However, if you have long hair, it may be bulky. It's probably a good idea to tie your hair up before putting it on.
The Amirisu staff don't like the cold, so we tend to talk about it from the perspective of keeping warm, but it's also extremely versatile as a fashion item. Even if you leave it down without putting it on, it has a cute silhouette that makes you think, "This is a hood!"

This piece is knitted with the thickest Stroll yarn and has a cute plump silhouette. The stitches are increased towards the hem and then tightly decreased at the ribbing. The end is knitted in stockinette stitch before being hidden, so the knitted fabric at the hem curls up cutely. The sleeves are also puff-like, giving a fresh design! They also look like they will help hide your body shape.
The front has a cable pattern and the back has cool lines. It's a Komiya pattern, so it's very fun to knit.

A loose-fitting cable sweater. This one is also knitted using the Stroll technique.
The sleeves and hem are raw cut instead of elasticated, giving it a fresh look. The length is long, so
you can wear it in a variety of ways, such as by marking your waist with a thin belt or tucking the hem into your pants.
The silhouette is loose, but the neat cable pattern gives it an elegant impression. The pattern is throughout, so it's nice to knit rhythmically. It's full of cuteness and detail, typical of designer Ootsuru!!

A long gilet with a lace pattern knitted in Sprint.

It features a simple zigzag lace pattern, and although it's made entirely of lace, it gives off a cool impression without being too sweet. It's the perfect item for when you're on the train or inside a building and wearing a coat is too hot or bulky. It's wide, so it creates a beautiful, flowing silhouette and drape. It's also good to wrap it loosely around your waist and stomach, which tend to get cold, while sitting down in a chair. It's a piece that can change its impression completely depending on the color, so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's creations!!

The last item is a neat V-neck sweater. The curved hemline is also nice. Tokuko is currently in the trend for extremely short lengths, so the sample is quite short. It is top-down, so you can try it on and find the length you like.
The light blue is the Stroll version, and the green is the Sprint version. The shape is the same, but when knitted with the Stroll, the size is a little larger (size 2 of the Sprint is about the same as size 1 of the Stroll).

If you want to get things done quickly or want a casual look, choose the Stroll. If you want a delicate and elegant look, choose the Sprint.

Have you found a pattern you want to knit? Have fun knitting!