June 16, 2023

Sea Dress by Pope Vergara

Sea Dress by Pope Vergara

Featured in amirisu Issue 26, published in 2023.

Today we are sharing our interview with Pope, the designer of the romantic Sea Dress.
Pope lives in Chile where the sea is beautiful and warm, and we can see how it must have inspired this fresh design. (Correction! According to Pope, the Chilean sea is cold. I would like to visit there once...!)

amirisu: What was your inspiration for this design?
Pope: My inspiration for this project was the sea and its color, and how it goes from that foam that does not reach the feet and ends in a deep blue, I also wanted to show in my design how pure and transparent the Water is and the relaxation that this leaves you.
So I decided to use the mohair yarn as a base to give it transparency, and at the end of the dress, I worked a fade to show the change in color of the sea and finally added some golden beads to reflect that shine that the sun gives when it disappears into the sea.

amirisu: What, if any, challenges did you encounter during the design process?
Pope: I had never designed or knitted a dress, so this project was challenging.

amirisu: What would it be if you knit this design in another color?
Pope: I would knit it in yellow tones, from cream to a more golden yellow.

amirisu: How did you start your knitting journey?
Pope: I started knitting as a child, my grandmother taught me, but I was terrible, so I gave it up. When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I stayed in bed for three months, and there I took up knitting again and never left it again.

amirisu: How do you like to spend time in the summer? What do you want to knit or make in warmer months?
Pope: I like to knit at all times of the year, and if I'm honest, it doesn't depend on the time to knit or the yarn to use. I incorporate whatever design that comes to mind at that moment.

Thank you, Pope!