July 10, 2021

Maha color matching


Maha has been very popular since it was released in the spring. A pullover knitted with Parade and Wanderlust.

I think it's a piece that suits any body type, such as a body silhouette that doesn't pick up the body line but looks beautiful, a sleeve length that hides the elbow a little, and a tight neck that's just right.

This sample color seems to be out of stock, so I thought about other color combinations.

First, Paris & Iceland.

For those of you who wanted to try out the new black Wanderlust, and those who like monotones, how about using it like this?

Next is Denali & Cartago

My mood is bright! However, if you are wondering if you can wear yellow, I think it is very nice to match it with gray for a slightly more subdued color tone.

Finally Jaipur & Ghost Ranch.

This dull pink color combination! It's a perfect color for summer, but it's also perfect for autumn when it gets a little cooler.

In addition to this, the beige red version of Oslo & Great wall knitted by the Tokyo store staff was also cute, and the color combinations are endless! We have a variety of kits, and you can choose your favorite color at the store, so please contact us. We are looking forward to your Maha.