November 05, 2021

I want to knit a Luzi shawl!


I have many shawls, but I'm happy to choose the one that suits my mood that day. Even if you're wearing the same jeans or coat, a single shawl can completely change your outfit.

Recently, I've been knitting only colorful and colorful shawls, so now I'm attracted to monochromatic shawls. That's when I found this, Orlane Sucche's Luzi , whose sweater is also featured in amirisu 23. All of her designs, which live in France, are simple, chic and long-lasting, but this shawl also has a modest pattern that creates an indescribable atmosphere. The oblong shape is also very useful.

Choose a slightly dull color, wrap it elegantly and walk through the winter streets. Oh how wonderful it is to imagine. So what yarn should we knit with?