June 22, 2022

Knit a Luberon!


The Luberon featured in amirisu No. 16 is a tunic perfect for summer. It was designed by Mr. Bernice, also known as yamagara, who lives in Singapore.
The shoulders are lace-knitted, and the slits at the hem are laced with mohair.

The original designated thread is silk, but it might be cute to knit with linen? I tried knitting a swatch!
Isager Trio on the left, amirisu Wanderlust Linen on the right. Both games came out.

The upper side of the swatch is knitted in knitted fabric, and the lower side is laced on the shoulders.

The Isager Trio is a blend of 50% linen, 30% cotton, and 20% bamboo. Light and thin, it has become a cool knitted fabric.
I think I'll be wearing a camisole or tank top underneath, so there's no problem, but it's see-through! It also has a glossy and drape feel, giving it an elegant impression.

On the other hand, WanderLust Linen is 100% linen.
The thread is chain-shaped, so it is easy to knit with linen, but the thread is thicker. Therefore, it becomes a knitted fabric with a tight mesh and a high gauge. This is recommended for those who want a sense of security and those who want to wear casual clothes.

Trio is available in deep dull colors.
Clockwise from bottom left: Powder, Khaki, Nougat (same color as swatch), Granite.

For Wanderlust Linen, how about cool colors like this?
From left to right: Borneo, Iceland, Antarctica, Capri (same color as swatch), Drake.

The lace between the side slits can be mohair, or you can just knit it with linen.
Looking at Ravelry's project, I saw some people knitting in colors with clear contrast, such as blue on black, and it was very cute.
I can't stop imagining color matching, thinking that it would be fun if the accent color swayed on the hem every time I walked! I feel like I want to wear it with wide pants.

I highly recommend Luberon!
The knitted fabric will be ready when you run it through the water, so don't be afraid to try knitting with linen beginners.