November 09, 2021

what are you knitting now? 〜nowaki knitted with Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport〜

今何編んでる? 〜Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sportで編むnowaki〜

It's been a long time, everyone.
After a long hiatus, the staff's knitting introduction blog will be resumed for the first time in a while!

The amirisu staff have different knitting histories and tastes, but of course they all love knitting. During the lunch break, everyone works hard and a lot of knitwear is created every day.

Among them, this time we will introduce nowaki , a shawl knitted by Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport .

A triangular shawl designed by Stella Egidi, who lives in Italy, and has an elegant lace pattern. It is published in amirisu21.
The staff said they chose it because they thought it was simple, classic, and easy to use. It's getting colder and colder, but it's not winter yet, so it's just right to wear it over a coat.

The designated yarn, Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport, is hand dyed from 100% Canadian wool.
According to the staff, the texture of the rustic wool felt a little dry. It's never soft during knitting, but it becomes fluffy when blocked.
The point I was careful about was that the difference in color would not appear in the knitted fabric because the color of the hand-dyed yarn varies depending on the skein. By changing to a different skein thread every few rows and knitting it like a stripe pattern, the colors are mixed and the difference between each skein is not noticeable.
In addition, it is recommended to properly mark each pattern so that the number of stitches is not mistaken.

Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport, many colors in stock.
Why don't you try knitting on this occasion?

Details Thread: Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport 4 Kase Color: evergreen
Needles: US4, US2 (1 size lower than specified)