June 01, 2022

Have You Knit These?
Aranami Shawl
by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Have You Knit These? <br>Aranami Shawl </br>by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

"Usually, I find that my design process starts with an idea for a shape or a unique stitch pattern, but this was one of the rare cases when yarn helped me determine the design. Back in 2011 I was living in Japan and I was working on a colorwork vest design using 6 different colors of tweed yarn that were slowly graduating from one shade to the next. Gradient yarns were not popular yet, I noticed that these leftovers were forming a beautiful color bridge, and I really wanted to explore the monochromatic side of it. While exploring cultural sites in Japan, I noticed these unique patterns in the stone gardens and tiles. They brought my attention to the repetitive nature of them, they were different in color and sometimes texture with different rocks outlining them.

I chose to experiment with that particular tessellation shape of the waves and modular style of knitting, making them the prime focus of the shawl design. While the color changes took place between the tiers, I wanted knitter to have fun seeing the pattern emerge. The way of picking up the stitches is what can make the outlines blend in or make them stand out, so my goal was to keep it simple at that point yet fun by working it in garter stitch only.

Seeing so many different projects makes me trepidatious! Some used different colors to outline the motifs and also deepen the texture by combining different fibers, to achieve a stained glass look! Whichever one you look at, they are all incredibly unique!"

Photo courtesy of the artist.