July 01, 2022

Calathea wants to knit!


Recently, I've been interested in mini scarves.

When you're worried about the sun hitting your neck, or when you're feeling lonely around your neck in a dress, you can wrap it up tightly. I have a few silk scarves and was wondering if it would be cool to knit one...and I found it! This is Calathea from Amirisu No. 22.

One day, the designer of this scarf, Mr. Hiromi Ootsuru of the Tokyo store, wore it and it was so lovely that I wanted to knit it right now! That's what I feel like.

The magazine sample is knitted with amirisu Parade and Isager Trio , and the texture is wonderful, but Ootsuru's version knitted with Trio 2 colors is smooth and perfect for my current mood. Trio has an exquisite range of colors, and it seems that any color combination will create a nuanced piece.

I have just received a lot of Trio, so I would like to choose two colors and knit them. How are you all doing?