December 14, 2021

what are you knitting now? ~Daelyn Pullover knitted with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter~

今何編んでる?〜Brooklyn Tweed Shelterで編むDaelyn Pullover〜

Today I would like to introduce a sweater knitted with Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter .

When you think of Shelter, the first pattern that comes to mind is probably the hugely popular Ashby triangular shawl.

Those who have knitted Ashby already know, but its charm is its lightness. It's warm and thick, yet fluffy and light. A strong ally for modern people who suffer from stiff shoulders!

Even at amirisu's office, when someone starts knitting a Shelter, many people say to themselves, "That's great. I want to knit too. Maybe I should knit."

The staff who was fascinated by such Shelter tried knitting Daelyn Pullover with Shelter. Designed by Isabell Kraemer. He chose this pattern because he liked the overall shape and the feel of the collar!

The front and sleeves are knitted, and the back is gartered.
It's a simple sweater, but here's the secretly cute point.

When viewed from the side, the garter on the back of the body spreads diagonally as it goes down.
Even if you wear it with a little room, you can wear it perfectly.

Shelter is thick, so it's a good place to go crunchy. The staff completed it in less than a month. Knit top-down without binding. By knitting the back a little longer, it is a pattern that eliminates the difference in length between garter knitting and knitting.

There are sizes from kids to men's, and the design is easy for anyone to wear, so it might be a good gift.

Detailed thread: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (color is Birdbook)
Needles: US9, US10 (designated US6, US7. Because the hands are tight, the numbers are raised.)
Size: XS