June 01, 2023

Bookish. - Issue 26

Bookish by amirisu @Laine Magazine

My current favorites.  Reviewed by Meri


A Knitting Life - Back to Tversted

Marianne Isager

Published in 2022 by Isager

192 pages, DDK 330

ISBN: 978-87-980124-1-2

Bookish by amirisu

Marianne and I have been friends for almost ten years, and whenever I chat with her, her life stories never cease to amaze me. She inherited the yarn business from Åse Lund Jensen when she was very young, while raising a newborn baby. Her wild childhood is interesting, too. This new book introduces such life stories, while showcasing a fresh collection of knitwear patterns. Using her signature stitch motifs, the patterns look modern and relevant to contemporary knitters. I've already added a few patterns to my queue, including Barbara and Twisted Cables.

Urban Knit Easy - Effortless and Modern Knits

Leeni Hoimela

Published in 2022 by Cozy Publishing

183 pages, €33

ISBN 978-952-7381-67-0

Text by Meri 初出: 2016年amirisu 9号

I have been a big fan of Leeniʼs patterns and Instagram posts for some years, admiring her clean yet feminine designs. A sequel to her first book, Urban Knit, this book is focused on simpler knits for beginners. Some patterns, with stockinette and rib stitches, are suitable for your first socks, hat, and garment projects, basic and stylish. Others have intricate colorwork perfect for experienced knitters. I personally love the Neko socks and want a pair for myself. Leeni took all the photos herself and the images are incredible.

Saltwater Socks: Caps, Mittens, and More from the Island of Newfoundland

Christine LeGrow & Shirley A. Scott

Published in 2022 by Boulder Books

220 pages, $29.95

ISBN: 978-1-989417-48-5

Bookish by amirisu

Saltwater Socks is a unique knitting book written by Christine Legrow and Shirley A. Scott, from Newfoundland, Canada. This is the fourth in the Saltwater series, introducing knitting traditions from Newfoundland, where hand-knit items were a necessity for generations. Based on traditional patterns and family stories, they designed timeless socks and accessory patterns for beginner to intermediate knitters. Most patterns are great for new knitters. It was fun to learn about life on an island so remote from Japan, and I am now curious about their previous books.

Neons & Neutrals

Aimée Gille

Published in 2023 by Laine publishing

200 pages, €32.90

ISBN 978-952-7468-50-0 

Bookish by amirisu

You can say that Aiméeʼs second book, Neons & Neutrals, is an avant-garde book. All projects use an eclectic mix of yarns, sometimes in a dozen different colors, and it is difficult to keep track of which yarn goes where. I think that is the whole purpose of the book. Instead of telling knitters exactly which yarn to use where, Aimée encourages them to go completely care-free, and be adventurous, experiment, and discover new combinations. Each pattern combines new textures and stitch patterns in unexpected ways, but with one thing in common - playful color choices. Darta and Klänge are my favorites.