November 01, 2019

Bookish. - Issue 19

Bookish by amirisu

Design by Nature - Creating layered Lived-In Space by Erica Tanov

Reviewed by Meri

Published in 2018 by Ten Speed Press

232 pages. $35.00

ISBN: 978-0399579073

Bookish by amirisu

This is a beautiful book - the fabric cover is embossed with gold, and has many fabulous full color photos printed on quality paper. I wasn't familiar with the author when I bought her book, and am not familiar with her products, but her book is inspirational. 

Starting with childhood memories, she tells stories about how she grew up with natural surroundingss, and how she draws inspration from what she sees. I especially liked this part from the first chapter – "It's the ability to see that beauty that's important, and what you do with that beauty that makes you a creative person. And it is also how you bring what inspires you into your life and the life of those around you." She says that it is not about traveling far and wide, but it's about discovering beauty right outside your door.

Many knitters and yarn dyers are inspired by nature, and this book reminded me how infinite and rich nature is as a source of inspiration. Tanov says she not only looks to the physical attributes of trees, but also finds deep comfort in their presence, and she brings that serenity and sense of wonder back with her to her drawing table.

The book is full of gorgeous nature photos as well as images of her home, mood boards, textiles and her collections. I cannot stop flipping through it over and over.