June 01, 2017

Bookish. - Issue 14

Bookish by amirisu

Animal Colorwork Bags

By Erika Tokai

From Seikodo Shinkousha


Bookish by amirisu

This book was published last year in Japan, and I have been wanting to introduce it to the international knitting community ever since.  For more than a decade, Erika Tokai has been a well-known hand-knit bag designer in Japan, and has been teaching widely.  If you are an experienced knitter, your first glance at this book might make you think - "oh-oh, that looks hard." I agree, but the bags are irresistible and adorable.  The book has a very detailed instructions on how to make one, with over 26 pages of full color photographs.  There are 22 bag and 3 scarf designs included. My favorites are the red fox (on the cover), the lion, and the fawn, but it's so hard to pick one!