December 29, 2023

What we knitted in 2023 and what we want to knit in 2024! Part 1


There are only a few days left in 2023 .
Today is the last day of work for us staff members. We have just finished tidying up the office so that we can greet the new year in a good mood.

Now, one thing we must not forget is to look back on this year's knitting.
Each staff member chose the most memorable knitting they did this year and the thing they want to knit next year. We will be introducing these on the blog from today until January 4th , so please take a look back at the knitting you did this year and let your imagination run wild with ideas for 2024. We will update the blog every day at 5pm!


By the way, how many projects do the amirisu staff members knit in a year?
It looks like they are completing their works at a tremendous pace, but how many projects are they actually completing?
So we conducted a survey about the number of projects completed this year.

The result was... an average of 8.5 !

The pace is such that one is completed every month and a half.
I felt that it was less than I expected, but how does it compare to your expectations? It seems that some projects were not recorded, forgotten, or not declared, so the actual number may be a little higher.

At the top of the ranking is Aiko, who knitted 27 pieces!
At the beginning of December, Aiko and Mari had knitted same number of projects, but towards the end of the year, she picked up the pace and completed Mikey and Carol , taking the lead by a long way .
In order to knit a lot, it is important to knit quickly and make time to knit, but to increase motivation, it seems like it would be good to participate in Ravelry's project challenge. It is a function that allows you to set a number of goals for the year, and as you register completed projects, the goal achievement rate is displayed. It seems like it would be good to work hard throughout the year. The most important thing is to knit for fun regardless of the number, but it seems fun so I will try it in 2024 !

And the most knitted pattern was Miki 's Campanella shawl , knitted by 10 staff members.

This is a great pattern that can be knitted in one skein and has just the right balance of ruffles and lace! The number of repeat customers shows how great this pattern is. If you haven't tried it yet, be sure to give it a try next year.


Today, we would like to introduce Aiko's reflections.

What I enjoyed knitting this year: Geogradient by Stephen West



This is Stephen's Mystery KAL shawl from this year.

" MKAL made a strong impression on me because it made me think again about the history and various thoughts . I chose it because the patterns were wonderful and fun to wear every year. It was also a lot of fun thinking about the colors, and CLUE 3 and 4 were especially lovely knits!"

CLUE4 has a diamond pattern on the hem, while CLUE3 has the striped pattern shown in the photo below. Both the RS with its clear lines (right) and the WS with its fuzzy lines (left) are cute.

What I want to knit next year: Ghost Horses by Caitlin Hunter

It's been on her wish list for years, and she even has the yarn ready. She can't wait to finish it!

This will continue tomorrow and beyond.