January 14, 2023

I want to knit a colorful cowl!


Happy New Year.

I would like to enjoy writing a blog about knitting and yarn again this year, so please take care of it.

Well, the first thing that jumped into my eyes in 2023 was Delightful Dot Cowl by Tori Yu. I'm glued to this extraordinarily pop polka dot pattern. The sample is a cashmere and yak blend DK knitted with a fluffy alpaca pattern, but since it is DK, it looks like you can knit it with 2 fingers you have on hand. It seems that you can enjoy various things, such as matching mohair and pickpockets, and knitting with changing dot colors. At the end, it will be twisted into a loop, so you don't have to process the thread!

A Mobius type cowl that I wanted to knit for a long time. I would like to choose a bright color and knit it.