March 16, 2022

spring vest


It's suddenly getting warmer, and I feel like I want to shift from the knitwear I was wearing until last week to spring clothes. At times like that, it's best to reach out first. On a cold day with just a T-shirt or thin knitwear, it's safe to have a little warmth of wool. Of course, vests are perfect for the changing seasons, and I like how you can add a change to your outfit just by layering it on top of another.

This time we would like to introduce My Favorite Things Vest No. 2- Spring Edition designed by Louise living in Denmark. It's interesting that all of her designs are numbered, such as cardigan No. 1, camisole No. 3, etc. All of them are simple and easy to wear, so I wanted to try knitting them once.

This vest is knitted with two strands of fingering and mohair, so if you use amirisu's original yarn Parade , you can knit one with a thick texture... I think it would be cute to make it a little shorter and match it with a dress or a blouse with fluffy sleeves.

It is a piece that you want to knit quickly and wear immediately.