July 03, 2021

I want to knit a brioche shawl!


When I look at my yarn collection these days, I see a lot of one-by-one pieces that I collected with the intention of knitting socks. When I was looking at it, a three-color set that would be absolutely wonderful if I knit this and this and this together came to my mind.

Lesley Anne Robinson's Current Mood is what made me want to knit with it. She has presented many brioche designs, all of which are attractive, but I was always hesitant to create something as elaborate as a leaf pattern. However, the design this time is garter knitting, wave pattern, and two-color brioche knitting in stripes. It is written that it is also ideal for brioche beginners.

I will knit this! I'm kind of excited. Why don't you choose your favorite 3-color yarn and knit it?