July 23, 2021

Andrea Mowry's new sweater is cute!

Andrea Mowryの新作セーターが可愛い!

Andrea Mowry, the designer himself, is extremely cute. Her designs are always popular, but this sweater is cute too!

The NY Sheep & Wool Festival, commonly known as Rhinebeck, is held every fall. Andrea designs sweaters for this wool event every year, and the sight of the knitters who visit here wearing the same sweaters and gathering on the hill is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, it was canceled last year, but it will be held this year. The 2021 Rhinebeck sweater announced there is this Illuminate .

The color work and stripes are woven with two colors of mohair and Spincycle.

It's too hot to knit mohair, but I'm thinking I should stock up onSpincycle Dyed in the Wool anyway. I don't think I'll be able to travel abroad yet this fall, but I'd like to knit with a dream of the day when I can go to Rhinebeck.