December 31, 2023



It's finally New Year's Eve.
This is the start of the last knitting introduction of this year!

Initially, Tomo from Kyoto always carefully knits cute, heartwarming items .

What I enjoyed knitting this year: Lucca by Jared Flood


"This is a circular shawl, and I like that I can fold it in half and put it on my shoulder like a collar. It's lace, but the pattern motifs are circles and triangles, so it's not too cute and easy to use. And the pattern was wonderful. It was easy to follow, the repetition of the pattern was easy to remember, and I was able to knit a beautiful lace shawl without making it too difficult. I thought Jared did a great job!"

She used The Wandering Flock - Lace 2 in ROSE GOLD. Unfortunately it's sold out, but I hope it will be in stock again in the summer.
She wanted to knit it with just one ball, so she used smaller needles and reduced the number of repetitions of the pattern to make it smaller. It's the perfect size for her shoulders.

What I want to knit next year: Bifurca vest by Teti Lutsak

This is the vest designed by Teti, who is known for soft plant patterns and neutral colors . It must look great on Tomo! I think a knitting veteran is someone who knows exactly what suits them.


Next up was Hikaru, who also chose a lace shawl!

What I'm glad I knitted this year: Shetland lace shawl by Kaze Kobo

"It was my first time knitting Shetland lace, so it was time-consuming and difficult, but I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished. It's a large shawl, but the yarn is thin, so it's very light and warm, so I'm finding it very useful."

Wow, this is a masterpiece! She used yarn purchased from Knittingbird. The colors are vibrant and it looks like it can be used all year round.

What I want to knit next year: Dusking by Kiyomi Burgin

Pattern from the 2022 Daruma Collection, featured in Cosmology .
The gradation is created by changing the number of strands of mohair yarn held together, from 1 , 2 , to 3. The yarn is so thin it may seem daunting, but for Hikaru, who is good at tatting lace, it may be no problem☺️

As the print version of Cosmology has sold out, we are planning to release a PDF version in mid-January. Please look forward to it.


Well, I hope you all have a happy new year.