December 30, 2023



Next to Aiko was Mari from the Tokyo store, who knitted 22 items.
We asked her to choose the one that she felt most attached to.

Things I'm glad I knitted this year: Sonata by Miki Teragaki

"I knitted this with La Bien Aimée 's Corrie Worsted olive juice . I like it because it's easy to incorporate into my everyday outfits and just wearing it makes me feel stylish."

A light and cute detachable collar with a cable pattern that spreads out towards the hem. It looks cool and lovely even when knitted in subdued colors. It is also sold as a kit set with the sister pattern Sonatine . Corrie Worsted You can knit two with two skeins!

What I want to knit next year: Reading Cardigan by Jared Flood

She said she wanted to knit it in the color recommended by Jared from Brooklyn Tweed .

This year, we published Northern Lights , a collaboration with Brooklyn Tweed , and Jared came to our Tokyo store to hold an event. It was exciting to knit with colors recommended by the designer himself. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Continuing the Brooklyn Tweed theme, next up is Ayako from our Kyoto store.
As she is fluent in English, she continues to knit patterns that do not have Japanese translations, and has completed 13 so far this year!

What I enjoyed knitting this year: Ashby by Leila Raven

"I had always wanted to make the Ashby Shawl, and I had to redo it twice because I made a mistake, so I was especially happy when I finished it!"

I knitted this Shelter from BT in the color Camper. It's a cute color, somewhere between red and pink!
This is an ever-popular pattern and anyone who tries it will be hooked.

What I want to knit next year: Kurt by Junko Okamoto

" I spent the whole of 2023 thinking about color combinations and grinning, so in 2024 I'm going to make up my mind and get CO❗️ "

The coveted Junko pattern! It has a V-neck in the front and back, and an irresistible oversized silhouette. It looks like it's knitted together like a patchwork.


We also asked Tomie-san from the Kyoto store.

What I'm glad I knitted this year: My first socks by amirisu

"I've only been knitting for just under two years, but I've finally gotten to the point where I can finish a project I've started in a reasonable amount of time.
I knitted my first pair of socks recently, and they were the first piece I was able to knit by myself, without taking lessons, just by looking at a pattern and a video. The size and stitches are a bit off, but I want to keep knitting all kinds of things so that I can look back on them fondly in a few years."

This commemorative first pair is very cute. I used the Amirisu Trek Handdyed Ichigo Ichie. Ichigo Ichie is not a standard color, but a wonderful color that was created by chance during the dyeing process, and is only sold at that time, so it feels even more special.

What I want to knit next year: A MKAL shawl!

"There are so many patterns I want to knit, but I'd like to try my hand at some kind of shawl MKAL."

You can go with amirisu, or try Stephen's masterpiece, but this year SOSU and Romi were also great. It expands your dreams!