January 01, 2024



Happy New Year🎍
Thank you very much for your patronage last year. We look forward to your continued support this year.

This year is not a sheep, but a dragon in Japanese zodiac, but we'll start by introducing the super cute sheep!

This is project by Hiromi, staff of our Tokyo store.

Something I enjoyed knitting last year: Agi the Sheep by Cinthia Vallet

"I don't usually make amigurumi, but as I made this I grew to love it more and more. In my mind, I imagined this sheep as a lady in her 70s. It was fun to put myself in the sheep's shoes and think about what buttons she would choose. "

I'm sure the sheep is very happy with its stylish outfit!
It is featured in the popular knitted doll book "Mouche & Friends" from last year. It can be knitted with just knitting needles without any stitching. It is sold out on amirisu, but it seems that you can buy it on the publisher Laine's website. (There is also a digital version.)

Cavalgante by Rosa Pomar

"I wanted to try using onion-dyed yarn, so I searched for a pattern. The experience of knitting with yarn that I had dyed myself was fresh and memorable. Every time I knitted, the dark color of the grape skins I had inserted here and there came out, and I was delighted as I knitted."

It's a warm, very nice color.

What I want to knit this year: niji pullover by Eri Shimizu

" The bright red of the sample is so cute, and I'm thinking of knitting with red yarn myself."

It has a simple and cool design. It can be arranged in many different ways, such as adding slits to the hem or neck, or wearing it as a turtleneck or crew neck.


Nakacho-san is sure to win the next speed knitting championship. Last year, she knitted 13 pieces. I thought that was surprisingly few, but it seems that there are many pieces that are still waiting to be tied off or blocked.

Things I enjoyed knitting last year: Hikari by yamagara

She knitted this pattern, originally published in amirisu issue 20 as a Parade pattern, with the idea of ​​using Wanderlust Linen handdyed .

"The knitting method has changed since issue 20 was released, and I've been wanting to try knitting it. I get hot easily and can't wear Parade 's short sleeves, so I've always fantasized about knitting it with Wanderlust Linen, and I was so happy that my dream finally came true. It's very cool, and I wore it a lot all summer. It was fun to knit, too!"

It looked very cool. I want to make linen Hikari more popular this year.

What I want to knit this year: Look At My Holes by James N Watts

"I want to make it long sleeved and knit it with the Stroll ."

This summer, the sheer pattern was a big hit among the staff at the Kyoto store . You can layer it up and use it for a variety of outfits, so you don't have to worry about it being too sexy. Kits are also available at Stroll !


We also asked designer Mizuho, who came up with many patterns last year.

Things I enjoyed knitting last year: Azami by Mizuho Komiya

"I think it was a design that was unique to me."

This piece was released as part of the Woolfolk collection and is knitted with Far . The thistle flowers are striking, while the collar and sleeve lines are chic, giving it an elegant design. This kit is also available for purchase . (I fell in love with it at first sight and splurged on Far . I'm going to knit it this year!)

By the way, the project Aiko knitted using CaMaRose's Snefnug was also lovely.

The colour of the thistle flower part has been changed, which makes it very cute.

What I want to knit this year: I can't think of it yet!

"I have two more designs I need to finish, and I can't think about what comes next. I'm pretty anxious."

Even when I knit as a hobby, I tend to knit as if I am practicing, with a desperate look on my face, thinking, "I have to knit this and that! I have to hurry!", but when it becomes a job...I think the pressure and the way she was cornered must be on a whole different level. Good luck, Mizuho.