yomirisu (Japanese)

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amirisu's free magazine (Japanese only).
We launched the magazine with the hope of proposing the pleasures of living together with knitting.

Until now, we have been handing out to supporters club members and customers who visit our stores, but due to requests, we are now able to purchase them via mail order.
The latest issue will be sent separately to supporters club members. 

yomirisu is written in Japanese only. No English version is available.

・Orders for only yomirisu will be automatically cancelled.
・Due to the shipping cost issue, please limit the total number of books to 2 per order.

・Excuse me, but please purchase with other products.
・Please do not purchase pre-ordered items together.
・ Together with products that do not need to be shipped, such as digital data Please do not ask for it.

Please note that all orders that do not comply with the above rules will be automatically canceled.

[There was an error]
There was an error in the store information of WALNUT Kyoto on the back cover.
It says "8 minutes walk from Subway Shijo Station/Hankyu Kawaramachi Station", but it should be "8 minutes walk from Subway Shijo Station/Hankyu Karasuma Station".