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Terrace wrap kit

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Purl Soho

A fluffy and light shawl with a textured pattern on the entire surface, as published in "Purl Soho Classics - Standard Knit Knitted with Purl Soho Thread" .
A rectangle is knitted, but the knitted fabric becomes slanted depending on the pattern. Perfect for going out on chilly days in early spring.

Kit contents
2 packs of Purl Soho Line Weight
The sample color is Ballet Pink.

This kit only sells thread and does not come with a pattern.
Please purchase together with "Purl Soho Classics - Standard Knitted with Purl Soho Thread" .

Purl Soho Line Weight (100% Merino Wool)

US4 needle or circular needle
Amirisu recommends Hiyahiya and Tulip Knina Swivel .

24 stitches in pattern = 10cm

Finished dimensions: about 45 - 50cm wide x 172 -190cm long, depending on how much you pull the diagonal.