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Stitchable Ornament

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Stitchable Ornament by artist Katy.
Many of you may have seen it on Ravelry or knitter blogs.

Ornaments in the shape of sweaters and mittens.
Since there is a hole, you can create an original ornament by threading your favorite thread and stitching.

Decorate your Christmas tree with stitched ornaments.
Also recommended as a gift tag. How about knitting matching mittens and attaching them to a gift?

Material: Wood Size:
Sweater Ornament DIY: Height approx. 6.5cm Width approx. 6.5cm
Mitten Ornaments: Height 6.2cm Width 4.7cm

*Mitten Ornaments patterns include stripes and hearts.

You can use leftover yarn.
If you don't have cute colored yarn, I made a yarn set, so please buy it together.
About 8m of thread is a set of 9 colors.