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Shetland small knit

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The home of pattern weaving, known as Fair Isle, is the Shetland Islands in the far north of Scotland. It can be said that the Shetland knit, which has been knitted by the people of the island, is a dream for knitting lovers. This book is a book for you to enjoy more deeply and familiarly by knitting the simple and delicate pattern knitting with your own hands. That said, it's hard to jump straight into a sweater. Therefore, we have selected stylish accessories that are easy for beginners to challenge and play an active role in everyday life from the most popular knit shops in Shetland. In addition to knitting diagrams and patterns, we also introduce the faces and advice of each creator we met locally, as well as the history of Shetland knitting, island scenery, and travel information. We will deliver it with the air of Shetland, which can be said to be the holy land of knitwear.