Seine kit (with Japanese sentence pattern)

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A simple turtleneck sweater knitted with amirisu Hike and mohair.
The style is full to the waist and has excellent warmth.
Enjoy straight , flowing lines without waist shaping .
It's a straightforward knitting method that doesn't use flechage knitting, so it's perfect for sweater beginners.

Knit bottom up.
Knit the front and back bodies separately from the hem to the shoulders with a round-trip knitting, and then cut off the shoulders and sides. Pick up the eye of the sleeve and knit in a circle to the cuff.

Kit contents
amirisu Hike S (M, L) = 7 (8, 8)

Daruma Silk Mohair S (M, L) = 4 (5, 5) beads or Knitting for Olive - Soft Silk Mohair 6 beads or Isager Silk Mohair S (M, L) = 6 (6, 7) balls

Kit details
Designed by Meri Tanaka

Finished size
S (M, L) = chest circumference 110 (120, 130) cm

Thread used
amirisu Hike (100% merino wool (preshrunk), 179 Yards (163 m) / about 100 g )

Daruma Silk Mohair
(Mohair (super kid mohair) 60%, silk 40% / 25g / about 300m )
Or Knitting for Olive - Soft Silk Mohair
( 70% mohair, 30% silk / 246 yards (225 meters) / 25 g )
Or Isager Silk Mohair
( Super kid mohair 70%, silk 30% / about 212m / 25g )

needle to use
・US7 (4.5mm) 80cm circular needle
・US6 (4mm) 80cm circular needle

Other tools
・Stitch marker ・Step number marker ・Separate thread or cord


The mohair of the set is as follows.
The price varies depending on the mohair even for the same size kit.

Sample color = Daruma Cherry (Hike is rucksack)
foliage = Daruma Kurumi
midnight = Daruma Deep Blue
snowtop = Daruma Shironeri
venus = knitting for olive cloud
clover = isager 67
cenote = isager 66