Scribbles kit (with Japanese sentence pattern)

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Would it be a gift for a sock knitter who is not satisfied with ordinary sock knitting anymore? Scribbles, amirisu's most intricate patterned socks ever.

Designed for amirisu by General Hogbuffer who is famous in the sock knit world. Starting from the opening, the pattern changes one after another. In other words, there is no pattern repeat, so you have to follow the chart all the time. The pattern is amazing, the heel is two colors, and the opening is double, but the basics are two colors of weaving. There is nothing difficult if you work calmly. The finish is exceptional, so please continue knitting little by little when you have time.

Woven with Amirisu Trek for a smooth and comfortable fit.
You can use the painstakingly knitted socks for a long time because they are durable.

Knit from the opening. Knit the picot cuff with a stitch that can be untied later, and knit the leg with the knit. The heel is knitted in two colors with intarsia, and the foot part is knitted while reducing the gusset. Finally, remove the knitted toe.

Kit contents
amirisu Trek CC1, CC2 : Print pattern (Japanese)

Kit details
designed by General Hogbuffer

Finished size <br data-sanitized-data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-fragment="1">Foot circumference = 19cm

Thread used
amirisu Trek
( 100% Wool / 383 yards, 350m / approx. 100g )

Needles to be used・US1.5 (2.5mm) 80cm circular needle or 5-pin needle ・US2 (2.75mm) 80cm circular needle or 5-pin needle

Other tools・Binding needle ・Stitch marker ・Separate thread ・Spare US1.5 (2.5mm) circular needle

Sample colors are Snowtop (CC1), Lavastone (CC2)