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Sari's socks quartet 2022 kit -Trek handdyed- (with Japanese sentence pattern)

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Sari's socks quartet kit from amirisu Trek 3 color set.
It is a wonderful kit that can knit 4 socks without wasting thread.

The pattern is from the sock pattern released by Sari in 2022, Ariel socks, Peregrin socks, Rosenlund socks, I chose 4 patterns of Storsand socks and made them into a kit.

Knit Ariel socks, Peregrin socks, and Rosenlund socks in one color each, and knit Storsand socks in three colors with the remaining yarn.
Since it is a Sari pattern, there is no doubt that all of them are cute and easy to knit. Moreover, it is a great set for knitters who don't want to leave threads half-finished.

Since it is knitted with amirisu Trek, it is easy to knit and the pattern comes out beautifully. Please enjoy the fluctuation of hand-dyed pale colors and the cute color combination.

Kit contents
amirisu Trek 3 colors 1 case each
Ariel socks Japanese sentence pattern
Peregrin socks Japanese sentence pattern
Rosenlund socks Japanese sentence pattern
Storsand socks Japanese sentence pattern

*Depending on the size and length you choose, you may run out of Storsand Socks thread.
Before knitting Storsand Socks, divide the yarn into two equal parts, and if you run out of yarn while knitting, try adding the extra yarn you have on hand and try knitting.

Kit details
designed by Sari Nordlund

Finished Size <br data-mce-fragment="1">Size 1 (2)= 20 (21.5)cm
The fit changes by changing the gauge. The length is adjustable.

Thread used
amirisu Trek
(100% merino wool (preshrunk) / 383 yards, 350m / approx. 100 g )

Needle to be used・US1.5 (2.5mm) circular needle or 5-pin needle

Other tools・Stitch markers ・Excess thread (for making stitches)
・Binding needles ・Rope knitting needles ・Blocking tools (sock blockers, etc.)

The color combinations are as follows.

・A set
Heliodor, Baku, Brookite

・B set
Cinnabar, Staurolite, Actinolite (Light)

・C set
Actinolite, Charoite, pyrargyrite

・D set
Hemimorphite, Senarmonite (Light), Sapphire