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Saco Vovó Campaniça | Vovó Campaniça project bag

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Retrosaria Rosa Pomar

We received some exciting project bags from Retrosaria Rosa Pomar!
A drawstring bag with an illustration that matches Vovó's cute label.
This time, the grandma was holding a sheep and smiling.

What's exciting about it is that it's made from Portuguese fabric and comes in an assortment, so you won't know what the pattern will be until it arrives (which means it's exciting for those of us who order it).

Since it will arrive in an assortment, there is a high possibility that this pattern will only be available at this time. If you like it, please buy it as soon as possible.

As for the size, it's the perfect size for sock projects.
It is also recommended as a gift for knitting lovers along with yarn.

Made in Portugal
100% natural fiber (cotton or cotton linen)
Approximately 24cm x approximately 30cm