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Rue Shawl Kit (with Japanese pattern)

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Quince & Co.

A simple and sweet lace shawl.
Although it is a typical top-down triangular shawl, the pattern comes out clearly by knitting it with shiny Sparrow.
For summer sunshine and cooling measures.

Kit contents
Sparrow 5 case
・Print pattern (Japanese)

*Please choose your favorite color.

Kit details
designed by Bristol Ivey

finished size
Width 173cm x Height 76cm

10cm after blocking with lace pattern = 17 stitches x 36 rows

knitting needle
• One US 5 [3.75mm] 80cm circular needle

Other tools
• stitch number marker
• Staple

The sample color is Sans 200.
The patterns are translations of English knitting patterns into Japanese. Everything is written in sentences, not in the form of normal Japanese knitting patterns. However, in order to make it easier for Japanese people to understand, we have also translated explanations of overseas techniques, so please do not worry.