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My first sweater (with Japanese pattern and video tutorial)

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"My First Sweater" is a kit with detailed video tutorials for those who have never knitted a sweater before.

The reason why I made this is when I was standing in the store, I was asked by a customer if it was their first time knitting a sweater, which pattern would you prefer? I was asked. At that time, I can't introduce the recommended kit right away, so let's make it! That's what I thought.

Lark yarn is easy to knit. There are also flips and bindings, but they are all explained in detail in the video. Of course it is possible to make a sweater using only simple techniques, but I would like you to take this opportunity to learn the basic techniques that make it easy to wear and look beautiful. I made it with that feeling.
In addition to techniques, various tricks are necessary to knit clothes. What you can cut corners and what you absolutely have to do. I'm telling you that too.

I would be happy if you could try your first sweater this winter.

There is also a " first sweater kit " knitted with amirisu Hike.

Kit contents
Quince & Co. Lark S (M, L, XL ) = 10 (11, 12, 14) Kase print pattern (Japanese sentence pattern)

Kit details
designed by Ochiai Tokuko

Finished size
Bust: S (M,L,XL) =96 (103,112,123) cm
Model wears size S with a margin of 16cm

needle to use
US7, 60 - 80cm circular needle

Other tools
binding needle , stitch number marker

About video tutorials
The URL and the password of the page where the videos can be viewed together are specified in the pattern. The video included is below.
1. How to get the gauge
2. Making eyes
3. At the beginning of knitting the panel
4. Armhole reduction
5. Back right shoulder
6. Return
7. Back left shoulder
8. Front right neckline
9. Left front neckline
10. Pull-out strip
11. Scoop binding
12. Picking up the armhole
13. Picking up the neckline
14. Cuffs
15. Thread end