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First punch needle (video course)

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A tutorial video for those who are new to Amy Oxford punch needles. Explanations of materials and tools, basic stitching methods, and finishing methods are carefully explained. Feel free to try rag hooking with a punch needle.

#1 Description of Materials and Tools
#2 About the frame and design, how to copy the design
#3 How to thread
#4 Basic stabbing
#5 How to cut thread
#6 How to fill
#7 How to change colors
#8 Processing the end of stabbing
#9 How to finish

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There is no right answer even if there are tricks to finish rag hooking beautifully. If you do your own design and how to do it, it will be the personality of the work and the artist. Please try various things and open up your own world.

The method I introduce here is a mixture of the method I learned from Arounna of bookhou , the method of rag hooking, and the method Meri thought of independently. It is not intended to present the correct answer.

Please note that we do not answer questions about content or other hooking.