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(Cannot be purchased alone) Pattern printing fee

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Thank you for ordering the kit product this time.
If you would like to print the kit pattern, please purchase this item.

※ For overseas customers:
For orders from overseas, we will send the English version of the pattern.
If you are ordering from overseas and would like the Japanese version, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please add "Japanese language preferred" in the remarks column.

Price: 550 yen

・We will print the pattern of the kit and send it to you.
・It will be shipped separately from other products. It becomes post-mailing. Please note that the arrival time of other products may differ slightly.
・Please purchase together with the kit product.
・Even if you are purchasing two or more kit products, please purchase one for the "pattern printing fee (shipping included)". We will print and send the patterns for all the kits you purchase in one order.
Please note that even if you purchase 2 or more "Pattern printing fee (shipping included)", we cannot refund it.