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Woven Animal Bag: Knitted and embroidered animal pattern bag and scarf

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Author: Erika Tokai Japanese, 111 pages
Seibundo Shinkosha 2016/10/7

Contents introduction (from Amazon)
Everyone's favorite animal is woven into a bag for everyday use. From familiar animals such as dogs, cats and birds to large animals such as wolves and lions, more than 20 kinds of creatures are expressed by weaving. The main bag shape is the tote bag. The same tote bag has a wide variety of sizes and shapes so that it can be used according to the purpose, such as changing the length of the handle and the size of the main body. A few variations such as pochettes and mufflers are also included. The main body is knitted with knitting. After the knitting is finished, the work to be embroidered is embroidered with yarn. The front and back are put together, and the handles are knitted with crochet hooks. Large works take a little time, and the more threads you use for knitting, the more difficult it is, but when you complete it, you can meet very nice animals. All bags are made in almost the same way except for the braided part. As the basics of bag making, I posted how to make a "fox bag" with photos of all the steps, so if you don't understand the steps, you can go back to this page and check the process. The appearance of realistic animals also changes to a gentle expression by adding the texture of the thread by expressing it with knit. Why don't you spend this winter with animals?

About the author
Erika Tokai: Knit artist. Graduated from Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design, Department of Apparel Design. Started producing knit bags in 2002. Presented his works at solo exhibitions and special exhibitions. He is the author of Knit House Bag (Takahashi Shoten).