cute russian finger puppets

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This is a book about how to make crochet finger puppets that Miho Ioka, who runs a cafe "Kakanana" and "Borik Coffee" in Naramachi, learned from her Russian grandmother Tanya.

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A cute finger puppet knitted with a single crochet and ultra-fine yarn.
It seems that Tanya knits with stick needles, but Miho Ioka devised a knitting method based on Tanya's finger puppet so that it can be easily crocheted.
Beginning with everyone's favorite Cheburashka, you can knit finger puppets that look like they came out of a picture book.

In addition, there are plenty of columns such as introduction of many Tanya's finger puppets, attractiveness of Russian miscellaneous goods, souvenir market information in Moscow, encounter with Tanya, and more.

Table of Contents About Russia, miscellaneous goods and Tanya ・Going to Russia ・Souvenir market ・Meeting with Tanya

-Tanya's finger puppet

・Let's make a finger puppet ・Materials and tools ・Everyone's favorite Cheburashka ・Rabbit girl ・Cat wearing skates

[Book title] Russian cute finger puppets [Author] Miho Ioka
[Format] B5 variant format (210mm x 182mm)
[Number of pages] 76 pages [List price] 1,400 yen + tax [Release date] February 16, 2021