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Punch Needle Embroidery drawn with thread loops

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We also have a yarn set that you can use to create your own works!

Punch Needle how-to book by Arounna, who held a punch needle workshop at amirisu.
Amirisu was the first to introduce the English version , but the long-awaited Japanese version has been released from Nihon Vogue.
If it's the Japanese version, you can start with confidence.

A perfect introductory book for those who want to start punch needle.
This is also a recommended book for those who have mastered the basics but want to take a step forward, such as those who want to embroider modern designs or want to think about designs on their own.

An easy-to-understand introduction to how to embroider basic stitches with photos.
In addition, Arounna's wonderfully designed works are published in total of 20 pieces, ranging from basic items such as small items to difficult items such as rugs.
You can level up according to your ability.
It also introduces a design method that draws inspiration from the things around you and creates a work of art.

[Author introduction]
Arounna Khounnoraj
Canadian artist and writer. Graduated with a master's degree in fine arts.
He is active in Toronto, where he moved with his family when he was 4 years old. In 2002, she founded her multi-disciplinary creative studio, Bookhou, with her husband John Booth, where she explores different types of printing and embroidery techniques while creating everyday items such as bags, homewares and textiles.

- Nihon Vogue
- 160 pages total