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Easy knitting sizing and the basics of drafting and indexing

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Published in 2007 and unfortunately out of print, "Simple Size Adjustment of Knitting and Fundamentals of Determining Drafting" has been renewed!
Easy-to-understand basic knowledge that is one step ahead of knitting, such as how to adjust the size of knits that even beginners can easily do, basic drafting lessons for intermediate knitters, how to index knitting needles, basics of indexing crochet, etc. I am explaining.
In addition, basic drawings for men's and kids' sizes have been added, and frequently asked questions have been compiled and re-edited. We respond to the voices of many knitting fans who say, "I want to figure it out myself." If you like hand knitting, you'll want to have one, this is a basic book for beginners and intermediates.

Book: 84 pages Publisher: Nihon Vogue