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Moon and Turtle

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Kiyomi & Sachiko Burgin's first book "MOON & TURTLE", which is familiar to amirisu, has arrived.

Moon and soft-shelled turtle.
9 patterns (4 clothes, 5 accessories) are posted.
Kiyomi & Sachiko Burgin's typical urban design that adds the essence to the traditional shape. All the designs are easy to use, and you will want to knit them all.

All patterns have variations in design such as length, sleeves, neckline, etc., and are suitable for all kinds of people regardless of age or gender.

Kiyomi & Sachiko also appear as models.
Cute photos, Japanese names such as “Kin-san” and “Gin-san”, secret stories of pattern production, etc., make it a heartwarming book that will make you smile.

See all patterns here .

97 pages in total (full text in English)
Includes download code