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mawpia Project bag

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amirisu original project bag.
Made by mawpia, a clothing and accessories brand for knitters. Each one is handmade in the atelier, so the sewing is solid.

Amirisu has tried many bags so far, but the round-bottom drawstring bag is the best. Any shape of braided work will fit perfectly. big projects, You can enter even if the long-sleeved sweater is almost completed.

I used liberty print fabric. Needless to say, it is a delicate and beautiful print. It has a luxurious feel, so you can wear it on your shoulder and go for a short walk. The lining uses Daruma Fabric Paper that matches the outer material. It's a durable high-density typewriter, so it's light and hard to pierce even if you throw knitting needles into it.

Bottom diameter about 22cm
Height about 28cm