Lucid Islet Knitting Labo Markers

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Cute porcelain stitch counting markers have arrived from Lucid Islet Knitting Labo.

Lucid Islet Knitting Labo is a knitwear brand developed by Taiwanese artist Sophie. A brand that cherishes the beauty of daily life and handwork.

This marker is also a cute charm that looks like it came out of a picture book. Various colors are used in one small charm, and it is an item that you can feel the integrity of being carefully made.

We have prepared kutsushita, tebukuroto and Little house markers for the holiday season. Kutsushita and tebukuroto were specially made in amirisu original colors. Little houses are all different houses, so they will be delivered randomly. Please be aware that some houses have shapes and colors that are not shown in the photos. But no matter which house you get, it's a dream house and cute.

kutsushita 2 piece set Charm size: Height approx. 2cm, Width approx. 1.5cm

tebukuro 2 piece set Charm size: about 2cm in height, about 1.5cm in width

Little house
Charm size: width about 1 - 2 cm, height about 0.8 - 1.5 cm

・Made of pottery clay that is water absorbent and breathable.

・Coating is applied to prevent color fading.
・Although it has a water-repellent coating, if it gets wet for a long time or uses baking soda or detergent, it may cause discoloration or cracks, so please be careful.