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It's nice to have a light and warm blanket when you're sitting on the sofa in a cozy room and knitting with a cup of tea. Throw it over your shoulders, wrap it around your knees, or wrap yourself in a blanket for winter bliss.

LHOME's blanket is based on the concept of "Incorporating products that allow you to entrust yourself to create a truly relaxing interior for your beloved family and home, and most importantly, for yourself."

A blanket made of 100% wool that is not dyed and retains the light and elegant color of the wool itself. After weaving the fabric in Lithuania, it is finished and softened in Italy. This softening process maintains the original texture of wool, while achieving a softness that you wouldn't expect from wool.

Although it is a very light blanket, it is large enough to be used as bedding when unfolded. Fold it in half and use it like a shawl, or use it in various winter situations.

Country of origin: Lithuania Material: 100% wool
Size: about 140 x 200cm